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Since Ryan was a young child he's always known there was more beyond this reality, and as he would say, "I've always had one foot on the other side", creating a burning passion to explore the inner and outer reaches of consciousness. This passion led to a journey of self-realization, catalyzed through the exploration of entheogenic medicines. In Ryan's last years of University, he avidly studied philosophy, religion, and spirituality, leading to deep appreciation and awareness for the divine, in its varying form, and recognizing that truth is universal.


Since then, Ryan has been committed to continuing to transcend limitations in life and empower those around him in doing the same.

In 2016, Breathwork found Ryan and he instantly knew it to be "one of the best kept secrets in life". He experienced the life-changing power of breath and gradually aligned with his purpose to share this secret with the world.


Over the past several years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ryan fully stepped into his calling and has taken committed action to share Breathwork with the world. He started his own Breathwork business and currently hosts weekly live Breathwork sessions, designed online courses such as Breath Masters and Ascension Breathwork Series, manages support groups, and much more. He has empowered countless individuals and companies to transcend their limitations and tap into infinity through the breath.

Ryan is committed to living in purpose, passion, and abundance, thereby radiating it to all clients, friends, family, and the entire world.

“Your Dreams are as Real as You can Imagine” - Ryan McBurney

Let's transcend your limitations and blast off in life!

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